CPC Code of Conduct 

Chemical Products Corporation (CPC) is committed to staying focused on our core values in the current rapidly changing business environment. We will conduct business in a truthful and open manner, refrain from deceptive acts and practices, and maintain accurate records while respecting obligations of confidentiality and privacy. CPC’s employees will promote CPC’s legitimate interests in a diligent and professional manner to maintain CPC’s economic health and ensure prudent and effective use of CPC’s resources.

Our values remain the vital core of what CPC stands for and serve as a yardstick for how we do business. We are fully committed to high standards of legal compliance and business ethics. This Code of Conduct guides each CPC employee as we put our values and commitments into practice – throughout the company and in everything we do. It helps us navigate through areas and situations where responsible conduct and ethical decision-making are critically important. Full and continuous compliance with our Code of Conduct, and all laws and regulations, will guarantee that CPC is respected and trusted by our customers, employees, and all other stakeholders.

Our Code of Conduct cannot provide specific detailed guidance for each of the wide variety of situations we may encounter. In situations where this Code of Conduct provides no direct guidance, we intend to act with both integrity and common sense when applying CPC’s policies and procedures.

CPC is committed to adherence to the following underlying ethical principles:

1. We will honor our commitments and be faithful to our word. We will follow through on promises, agreements, and other undertakings, whether embodied in legally enforceable contracts or not.

2. We will provide customers with accurate health and safety information, warnings, and labels for the products we provide, to the best of our ability. We will communicate and consult with employees, customers, and communities regarding identification of any possible previously unrecognized negative impacts of our products or services to ensure that health and safety information is comprehensive.

3. We will respect the dignity of all people. We will seek to protect the health, safety, privacy, and human rights of others (human sustainability). Our objective will be to enhance human development in the workplace, the marketplace, and the community (social sustainability). We will protect our employees from avoidable injury and illness in the workplace. We will seek to aid our customers in the sustainable consumption of CPC’s products; the efficient use of CPC’s products will maintain our customers’ profitability over time (economic sustainability) and protect the environment (environmental sustainability).

4. We will act as responsible citizens of the community. We will respect the law, cooperate with public authorities, and contribute to community betterment. We will endeavor to preserve and enhance the physical environment by consistently seeking to minimize energy and water consumption in CPC’s manufacturing activities, install and operate equipment to minimize the impacts of air and water emissions from CPC’s manufacturing activities, and manage incoming raw materials and outgoing solid waste to minimize road congestion and noise. We will seek to identify and purchase, when economically feasible, raw materials which will reduce the carbon footprint of our products. If any possible impacts from company operations on animals, endangered species, land protected areas, or ecosystems are identified, we will endeavor to mitigate the impacts.

5. We will protect CPC’s assets, including confidential and proprietary information, funds, and equipment. Each of us will safeguard the property entrusted to us by avoiding waste and misappropriation.

6. We will engage in free and fair competition, deal with all parties fairly and equitably, and practice nondiscrimination in employment and contracting.

7. We will be responsive to emerging changes in the marketplace related to the company’s activities. We will provide timely remedies for any customer complaints and will modify products and services as necessary to continue meeting or exceeding customer requirements. We will engage in good-faith negotiation in cases of conflict involving employees, customers, or any other stakeholders. 




Supplier Code of Conduct 

At Chemical Products Corporation, we view our Suppliers as partners in our success as a company.  This Code of Conduct was developed to clearly outline our expectations of suppliers.  Chemical Products Corporation reserves the right to audit our Suppliers with regard to their adherence to this code. Please do not hesitate to contact our purchasing department if you have any questions.

The core values of Chemical Products Corporation are the cornerstone of who we are and what we stand for as a company. Our purpose as a corporation is to be a dynamic chemical company, creating sustainable solutions essential for a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere. The Core Values of Safety and Health, Environmental Stewardship, Highest Ethical Behavior and Respect for People reflect our expectations for our employees, while providing us with a framework of our expectations for Suppliers to Chemical Products Corporation  


Safety and Health

Chemical Products Corporation is wholly committed to the safety and health of our team members, contractors, and visitors and sincerely believes that all jobs, to be done properly, must be done in the safest manner possible and in compliance with all applicable regulations and laws. We target a positive, safe, and productive work environment at all times. We believe that accidents are preventable, and safety is defined as continually seeking zero harm in every aspect of our process. Every procedure should be safe, productive, and cost efficient. Safe production is a value that should never be compromised.

We have a similar expectation of our suppliers. Suppliers need to provide a safe and healthful workplace for their employees in compliance with all applicable regulations and laws. Appropriate communication and training on hazards, risk, procedures, and proper protective equipment is essential for the safety and health of the employees of our suppliers. Worker housing, where provided, must meet internationally recognized standards for hygiene, health, and safety. Monitoring of performance and setting of goals or targets is required for any program to be effective. Suppliers should include these aspects in their safety and health programs. Suppliers will provide Chemical Products Corporation with high-quality products and services that meet all applicable quality and safety standards. Suppliers will immediately report any concerns about product safety to Chemical Products Corporation.


Highest Ethical Behavior 

Chemical Products Corporation is committed to conducting our business affairs to the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all applicable laws. We work diligently to be a respected corporate citizen worldwide. Suppliers will comply with all laws and regulations. Suppliers will act in accordance with all laws related to bribery including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act and any other applicable local laws and will not engage in any form of bribery to secure business on behalf of Chemical Products Corporation or any other company. 

Chemical Products Corporation does not encourage giving or receiving gifts.  Suppliers should be aware that when gifts or entertainment are provided, they need to be consistent with customary regional business practices, have a clear business purpose, cannot be perceived as a bribe or improper payment, are not offered to improperly influence a business relationship, do not violate applicable laws or ethical standards and would not embarrass the Supplier or Chemical Products Corporation if publicly disclosed. 

Protection of Chemical Products Corporation Trade Secrets is critical to the future of our company.  Suppliers will implement measures to protect any Trade Secrets provided during the course of our business transactions.  Information should be provided to Supplier’s employees on a "Need to Know" basis only.  Documents containing confidential information no longer needed by the Supplier to conduct business on behalf of Chemical Products Corporation should be either returned to Chemical Products Corporation or destroyed, as appropriate. 

Confidential Information Protection Requirements for Chemical Products Corporation Suppliers

Any potential conflicts of interest between Chemical Products Corporation employees and the Supplier should be reported to Chemical Products Corporation. 

Respect for People 

Respect for people is a key core value for our company. We describe this core value by stating: We treat our employees and all our partners with professionalism, dignity and respect, fostering an environment where people can contribute, innovate and excel.  Chemical Products Corporation is committed to the protection and advancement of Human Rights wherever we operate and have similar expectations of our Suppliers.   

As part of our policy, Chemical Products Corporation will not tolerate the use of child or forced labor, slavery or human trafficking in any of our global operations and facilities, including those operated by Suppliers. Suppliers shall not inflict or threaten to inflict corporal punishment or any other forms of physical, sexual, psychological or verbal abuse or harassment on any employees.  Practices such as payment of fees for employment; withholding of passports, wages or personal property; forced overtime; etc. are not acceptable.  We will not tolerate the exploitation of children, their engagement in unacceptably hazardous work, or the trafficking, physical punishment, harassment, abuse, or involuntary servitude of any worker. We expect our suppliers and contractors with whom we do business to uphold the same standards. Should violations of these Principles become known to Chemical Products Corporation and not be corrected, we will re-evaluate the business relationship. 

Humans Rights Position Statement

As a global company, we recognize the value of a diverse supplier base providing Chemical Products Corporation with the goods and services for our operations.  An effective Supplier Diversity program allows qualified vendors an opportunity to meet the needs of Chemical Products Corporation as a Supplier; while, at the same time, supporting the businesses and communities where we live and operate in.  We strongly encourage our Suppliers to expand their efforts in this area by engaging with small business, minority-owned and woman- owned businesses and other diverse categories.   

Suppliers are expected to allow freedom of association of their employees. Compensation will be in compliance with all laws; employees are expected to be paid a fair wage for work performed, have reasonable work hours and receive proper remuneration for all overtime hours worked. Suppliers will comply with all applicable employment nondiscrimination laws. In addition, Chemical Products Corporation expects our suppliers to operate in a manner that is consistent with the Chemical Products Corporation Equal Opportunity & Non-Discrimination position, which may be found in the Chemical Products Corporation Code of Conduct under the section titled "Equal Opportunity & Non-Discrimination." 


Suppliers will recognize the important role our natural resources and physical environment play in ensuring the continuing health, safety and welfare of their employees and customers.

Suppliers should be committed to meeting or exceeding the requirements of all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and policies.  We believe that sound environmental performance is a key component of sound business performance.  Suppliers should incorporate considerations of environmental costs, risks, and impacts into our daily operations and business decision-making processes.

Suppliers should be committed to protecting and respecting the environment through outstanding environmental performance and efficiency in the conduct of our operations; this includes the efficient use of natural resources through recycling, innovation, and prevention of pollution.

Suppliers should also commit to emergency preparedness and response in order to minimize any potential environmental impacts resulting from day-to-day operations.


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