Environmental Health and Safety

The Value of Safety

  • To accept that you will have injuries is to accept that it’s OK to hurt people.
  • The Safety Goal for Chemical Products Corporation is to achieve Zero Reportable Accidents.
  • Just as having accidents becomes a way of life, not having accidents becomes a way of life when you believe safety is a Value and Zero is Attainable.
  • 15-second Rule – Stop and think about what could happen if you do what you are fixing to do.
  • Safe Production is a value that must never be compromised.
  • To accomplish zero we must have Safety Aware Leadership, from the Board Room to the Shift, and through word and example, all employees will know that we care about them.
  • We will reinforce this attitude with weekly, monthly, and quarterly safety and communication meetings, training, and reviews

CPC - Safety Process

The management of Chemical Products Corporation sincerely believes that all jobs, to be done properly, must be done in the safest manner possible. We have set a target of building a Positive, Safe and Productive work environment. All Accidents are preventable and safety is simply following the correct procedure, no shortcuts. Every procedure should be Safe, Productive, and Cost Efficient. Safe Quality Production is what we are trying to achieve.

The Safety Director has accountability for implementing, administering, monitoring and evaluating the safety program, with help from members of the Safety Committee. Each Employee has the responsibility for being aware of any or all hazards that may be present prior to beginning any task, no matter how large or small. Each job is as Safe, as we choose to make it and each individual team member is reminded of the enormous power that comes with making the right choice each second, each minute, each hour, each day, each week, each month, each year. Never walk by someone, no matter whom that someone may be who may be doing a task that is unsafe, without speaking to them or asking them if they need some help. It is expected that they will look out for you and your safety, and it is also expected that you will reflect the same caring attitude for your co-worker. It is a never-ending process that can be accomplished accident-free if we all choose to practice and believe that zero (Accidents) is the only acceptable number for safety. No injury-free Accidents or shortcuts that may lead to Accidents are acceptable.

Each employee is expected to always be aware of any or all hazards that might be encountered, and to exercise caution in all work activities. When every employee takes responsibility for safety, near misses, non-injury accidents, injuries, and process/property damage can be prevented, and safe and healthy working conditions can be maintained. Compliance with our safety rules is one way of accomplishing this goal.   Awareness at all times is the key that will help to make safety a Value, that brings lifetime success.

When the Safety of myself or the Safety of my team members is at stake:
I will:

  • Set the example for others to follow.
  • Not look the other way when an unsafe practice or condition exists.
  • Strive to achieve a safe, productive, and efficient atmosphere without creating a sense of extreme competition.
  • Not perform unsafe acts, create unsafe conditions or disregard sound safety practices or procedures.
  • Not allow peer pressure to compromise my safety principles.
    Not sacrifice safety to expedite a task.
  • Practice good housekeeping when performing each task I am assigned.
    Not hurry to overcome my lack of planning and preparation.

Asking me to overlook an unsafe practice, safety violation, or unsafe condition would be asking me to compromise my entire attitude towards the value of my life and yours.

Compliance with our Safety Process and Safety Procedures is one way of accomplishing this attainable goal. Our safety process has been developed with the intent of preventing non-injury accidents and injuries, and this safety process applies to all employees, regardless of their position in the Company. 

Chemical Products Corporation recognizes the important role our natural resources and physical environment play in ensuring the continuing health, safety and welfare of our employees and customers.
We are committed to meeting or exceeding the requirements of all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and policies.  We believe that sound environmental performance is a key component of sound business performance.  We incorporate considerations of environmental costs, risks, and impacts into our daily operations and business decision-making processes.
We are committed to protecting and respecting the environment through outstanding environmental performance and efficiency in the conduct of our operations; this includes the efficient use of natural resources through recycling, innovation, and prevention of pollution.
We are also committed to emergency preparedness and response in order to minimize any potential environmental impacts resulting from day-to-day operations
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