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CPC is poised for continued success well into the future.

CHEMICAL PRODUCTS strives to be as involved in the community it thrives in as possible.

Recently, the company became involved with the REACH Georgia scholarship program with the Bartow County School System.

The overarching goal of REACH Georgia is to provide greater college access for students throughout Georgia and prepare them for the 21st Century workplace. 


Since the program’s launch in 2012, all REACH Scholars are in good standing and eligible to receive their scholarships upon graduation. Recipients must have:

  • Attended school regularly
  • Maintained good behavior
  • Kept a minimum 2.5 GPA in rigorous coursework

REACH Georgia strengthens the next generation of employees. The Bartow County School System wants to know what local businesses need. REACH Georgia works with their high schools and College and Career Academy to make sure students are learning those in-demand skills.

REACH Georgia is a great way for local businesses to support the school system. By supporting REACH Georgia, CPC is making a positive impact on the community.

Through the company's involvement and donation given by Chemical Products Corporation, the REACH Georgia scholarship program was able to select six additional students to the program. Their 2017 cohort of five students completed the year with an average of 89% in their classes, with over half of those being A.P. courses. Their 2018 cohort was recently and are very excited about getting started.

Not only will REACH Georgia be working closely with the scholarship recipients, but they will also meet with the candidates that were not selected to make sure they continue on the right track toward graduation. That will be a total of 30 students being mentored next year through REACH Georgia. REACH intends to keep CPC updated during the upcoming school year on these students’ progress and educational journey.


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Chemical Products Corporation

CPC celebrates its 89th year of operations in 2022!

CPC’s longevity as an inorganic chemical manufacturer is a direct result of our commitment to our customers, employees, community and environment.

Today, CPC continues to build upon the principles that have brought about years of success as we expand and grow our business into areas such as organic and specialty chemicals.  With our infrastructure, core chemical manufacturing competencies and an established supply chain for sourcing raw materials from around the world, CPC is poised for continued success well into the future